New Retra Flash update

New Retra Flash update

We are working very hard to bring the new flashgun to you as soon as possible, while ensuring it is of the highest specification and enhanced by some innovative features. We want to share with you our current state of development and production.

Made with 2x Retra Flash PRO (prototype), Maldives 2019

Prototype testing

Working prototypes of the new Retra Flash Prime/PRO

We’ve managed to produce a couple prototype units for testing specific features and gathering data from field usage. Our initial plan was to make more prototypes but the cost of a single prototype unit is more than €10k just in material (no development cost included) so we decided that 2 was enough for the initial test. These two pieces have done a good amount of field and studio testing and with them we have confirmed the reflector, lamp and dome design. Besides this we have also confirmed the housing features, especially the new dials and knobs.

Made with 2x Retra Flash PRO (prototype), Raja Ampat 2019

Electronics development delay and housing production

Electronics development is ongoing and we expect all the designs will be confirmed at the end of April. In the coming months we are planning to produce a small batch of electronics which will undergo rigorous testing and certification before we can begin with their production.

The original plan was to confirm the designs at the end of February but during the course of development we have received a lot of suggestions from our current Retra Flash users which we decided to implement on the new flashguns. The result is a completely new UW flashgun platform on which we can build in the future. Although the new electronics development has taken more time than we initially anticipated we believe it is worth the wait.

New Retra Flash housings ready for the next step in production process.

Housings for the new Retra Flash are already in production with all the axis, knobs, dials and other components following shortly. Critical materials for the electronics including the lamps and capacitors are also in production and most of them are already delivered. No delays on this front.

Made with 2x Retra Flash PRO (prototype), Maldives 2019


Although we are focusing first and foremost on the development of the new Retra Flash Prime/PRO we are also working on new accessories which will fit the new and original flashguns. A new type of Neoprene protector and a new Macro ring are in development.

Made with 2x Retra Flash PRO (prototype), Maldives 2019

Besides this we are working on a proprietary battery pack design which will improve the new flashgun performance (not compatible with original Retra Flash).

The new battery pack design will require more intensive work and we aim to confirm it’s design after the new Retra Flash Prime/PRO are already shipping. Other accessories will be announced in the coming months and are aimed to ship with the new flashguns or shortly thereafter.

Made with 2x Retra Flash PRO (prototype), Raja Ampat 2019 

Estimated shipping update

We expect the first packages will depart at the end of January 2020. The currently pre-ordered flashguns can be expected for delivery throughout February and March 2020.

Please note that our warning regarding the shipping date for pre-orders still stands: "Delivery times may change due to production delays or product improvements. If you are planning a diving trip with the new Retra Flash at the time of the estimated delivery date we strongly advise against pre-ordering! There is no guarantee you will receive the product on time. Your pre-order may be fully refunded at any time. Currency conversion changes will not be compensated in the event of a refund."

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