Photography is all about Light

The new Retra Flash Series is the highest expression of our endless pursuit for the ultimate underwater lighting tool.

Retra Flash Pro Max

The Pro Max has the highest power output of the new Retra Flash Series, a fresh OLED back panel display and offers the highest level of versatility that is appreciated by all underwater photographers.

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Retra Flash Prime+

Featuring the same lamp and reflector design as the Pro Max but with 50% less power output and without the back panel display. The Retra Flash Prime + provides smooth lighting in any condition.

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Retra Flash Pure

The Pure is our entry level strobe with a smaller lamp and reflector that will satisfy the needs of every beginner or a serious macro photographer.

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Bayonet Mount

The front of the Retra Flash features the classic bayonet mount with a lock mechanism for safely attaching all existing Retra accessories

Sturdy & Elegant design

The monolithic aluminium alloy casing is made to withstand depths up to 100 meters and offers superior cooling and is more resistant to vibration

Circular Flash-tube

The circular flash-tube offers high quality of light output with softer and more evenly distributed illumination


Optical Connector

The new optical triggering system is even more reliable than before, able to read optical input even from sub optimal fiber optic cables.

Seamlessly compatible with the Inon threaded connector and the Sea&Sea plug connector

Backlit OLED display

The backlit OLED display shows you all necessary information in one spot - clearly visible in any lighting condition.

Info: current mode, power setting, battery life, recycle time

Leakage Detection

Leakage detection system warns you if water ever gets into the battery compartment

Mode Button

The Retra Flash has a variety of modes to choose from:

  • BATT/TEST (battery level & test)
  • M (manual mode)
  • TTL (through the lens mode)
  • HSS (high speed sync mode)
  • U (user defined mode)
  • SOS (emergency signal)



Retra Flash Pro Max

Retra Flash Prime +

Retra Flash Pure


140 Ws

90 Ws

70 Ws

Power Source

4x / 8x AA Batt.

4x / 8x AA Batt.

4x / 8x AA Batt.


Monolithic Aluminium Alloy

Monolithic Aluminium Alloy

Monolithic Aluminium Alloy

(1) Weight on land with 1" (inch) mounting ball and 4x AA Eneloop PRO Batteries / 8x AA Eneloop PRO Batteries respectively

(2) Recycle time varies depending on state of batteries, chosen power setting and if using the Booster

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Why choose Retra?

Retra UWT was established 2012 with the goal of designing the most advanced underwater strobe that can deliver top-tier performance in any condition and for all styles of underwater photography.


– David Benz, Art & Water Photography

"For me, the Retra Flash Pro X is a real gamechanger. So much power and such simple and really well thought-out handling. Now underwater photography is even more fun."

– William Gladstone, Emeritus Professor

"My Retra strobes give me an unparalleled quality of light underwater. This comes from their beautifully uniform beam, reliable firing and colour temperature, the intuitive power setting steps, and the battery life."

– Magali Marquez, PADI / SNSI Instructor

"I feel confident using the Retra Pro strobe because it gives me peace of mind knowing that it detects moisture and tells me when I have a low battery.

After having worked with different strobes, I can say that the Retra Pro strobe along with the Retra LSD snoot has been a winning combination for my photography."

– Daniel Norwood, Dive Photo Guide

"After several months of constant use, I have nothing but good things to say about the Retra Flash PRO, and they have now become my go-to flashgun for the majority of my underwater photography work."

– Nicolas Remy, UWP Magazine

"I would buy them again if presented with the same choice."

– Mike Bartick, Award-winning Marine Wildlife Photographer

"The reflector is fun to use and perfectly suited for all-around use, including macro, wide angle, close focus wide angle, and oh yeah, blackwater!"

– Walt Stearns, Scuba Diver Destinations

"With the Retra Flash Prime, the quality and consistency of the light on subjects I was seeing was far more pleasing. The lighting from the Prime’s fully circular flash tube was impressively even."

Light Shaping Device

An accessory worth a special mention is the Retra Light Shaping Device (LSD). Due to its modular design, the Light Shaping Device can be easily paired with other flash devices by simply changing the mounting module.

When paired with the Retra Flash, you can also turn on the guide or modeling light on the strobe to see exactly where you're aiming your snoot. This way, there's no guesswork involved when positioning your flash light.

And with the extra slot for inserting different masks, you can easily control the diameter and shape of your light, giving you endless creative potential.

To read the full article about the Light Shaping Device, click the button below.

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The Booster

The Booster powers up your Retra Flash by giving space for 8x rechargeable AA batteries, that doubles battery life and reduces recycle time by half.

The new Booster is a singular piece that reduces chances of leakage and allows quick and easy exchange of the lid and batteries.

The new design is 50% lighter compared to the previous models of Supercharger.

Its lightweight and compact design, paired with the built-in leakage detection system, make it a must-have accessory for the 4th generation Retra Flash.

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Increase in Battery Life

With the Booster, you can use your Retra Flash for longer underwater photography sessions.


Shorter Recycle Time

The Booster decreases the recycle time of the Retra Flash by half, enabling fast action shooting.

All the Accessories

We offer a wide variety of accessories that unlock the full creative potential of the Retra Flash and help protect it from damage. So, whether you're a fan of wide angle shots or like to get up close and personal with your subjects, there's an accessory for every occassion.


The selection of Diffusers change the color temperature, softness and light output of the Retra Flash. We offer 4 different options to choose from.

Reduction Ring

The Reduction Ring narrows and focuses the light beam. The Redution Ring helps reduce backscatter for macro or low visibility photography.

Macro Rings

The Macro and Super Macro Rings are perfect for getting up close and personal with your subjects. They reduce the angle of light for narrow-angle photography.


The Reflector boosts the light output by +1 F-stop (in water) and narrows the angle of light for more precise light control.


The Bumpers are attached to the front and the back of the Retra Flash to protect the edges against damage during rough seas.

Protective Ring

The Protective Ring does not impact the size or quality of light. It's main task is to shield the dome from damage.

The Retra Vault

Dive deep into Retra's Vault to learn tips and tricks on how to make the best use of your Retra Flash and stay up to date with the latest news and firmware updates from the Retra team.

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Retra Warranty - Explore Retra Products with Confidence

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4th Generation Retra Flash Series

4th Generation Retra Flash Series

With our 4th generation Retra Flash Series, we wanted to push the limits of innovation and give our fans a user-friendly underwater strobe that could deliver top-tier performance in any situation.

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