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– David Benz, Art & Water Photography

"For me, the Retra Flash Pro X is a real gamechanger. So much power and such simple and really well thought-out handling. Now underwater photography is even more fun."

– Roman Kasan

"I have been using Retra Pro X strobes paired with Sony A1 in a Nauticam housing for about a year now. During that time I took it on more than 200 dives and there wasn't a single dive I wouldn't be thrilled with the results I got."

– Magali Marquez, PADI / SNSI Instructor

"I feel confident using the Retra Pro strobe because it gives me peace of mind knowing that it detects moisture and tells me when I have a low battery.

After having worked with different strobes, I can say that the Retra Pro strobe along with the Retra LSD snoot has been a winning combination for my photography."

– William Gladstone, Emeritus Professor

"My Retra strobes give me an unparalleled quality of light underwater. This comes from their beautifully uniform beam, reliable firing and colour temperature, the intuitive power setting steps, and the battery life."

– Ziad A. Al-Turki

"As someone who was always intimidated to use strobes, I cannot recommend Retra Strobes enough; whether you are a beginner underwater photographer, or an expert, Retra Strobes are the perfect addition to your camera set up."

– Daniel Norwood, Dive Photo Guide

"After several months of constant use, I have nothing but good things to say about the Retra Flash PRO, and they have now become my go-to flashgun for the majority of my underwater photography work."

– Nicolas Remy, UWP Magazine

"I would buy them again if presented with the same choice."

– Walt Stearns, Scuba Diver Destinations

"With the Retra Flash Prime, the quality and consistency of the light on subjects I was seeing was far more pleasing. The lighting from the Prime’s fully circular flash tube was impressively even."


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Increase in Battery Life

With the Booster, you can use your Retra Flash for longer underwater photography sessions.


Shorter Recycle Time

The Booster decreases the recycle time of the Retra Flash, enabling fast action shooting.


Explore a wide variety of accessories that fine-tune the light of the Retra Flash, boost its power and protect it from damage.
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Why choose Retra UWT?

Retra UWT was established 2012 with the goal of designing the most advanced underwater strobe that can deliver top-tier performance in any condition and for all styles of underwater photography.


Dive deep into the Retra Vault to learn tips and tricks on how to make the best use of your Retra Flash and stay up to date with the latest news and firmware updates from the Retra team.

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Silicone Grease Does Not Act as a Sealant

Silicone Grease Does Not Act as a Sealant

Among the crucial components in underwater strobes are the O-rings that serve as a vital seal to prevent water from infiltrating sensitive electronic components and flooding your strobe. However, a...

Photograph of the Retra UWT Application

Retra UWT - Smartphone Application

In the ever-evolving world of underwater photography, staying ahead of the curve is essential for capturing those breathtaking moments beneath the waves. The Retra Flash series is in-step with the ...

Why are my photographs always underexposed?

Why are my photographs always underexposed?

If your photographs keep coming out underexposed or black when using the Retra Flash, or if you find your Retra Flash has high energy consumption, then read on to learn how to test the issue and fi...

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