How to Care for Your Retra Flash

Taking care of your Retra Flash and accessories will prolong their life and reduce the chances of malfunctions. Below you will find guides, tips and tricks on how to care, use and maintain your Retra Flash.

O-Ring Maintenance

After exchanging the batteries approximately 20 - 40 times, it is recommended that you inspect and re-grease the o-rings of the battery compartment.

Before greasing the o-rings, make sure there is no debris on the o-rings or grooves of the battery compartment and that the o-rings are not damaged.

To re-grease the o-rings, apply the supplied silicone grease from your Retra Flash kit using the following method: 

  1. Dispense a very small amount of silicone grease onto the tip of your finger (grain of rice).
  2. Spread the silicone grease across the o-rings until they attain a glossy appearance.
  3. Make sure that the silicone grease is spread uniformly and that no chunks of silicone grease remain on the o-ring.

Please avoid direct application of silicone grease onto the o-rings.

Please use Silicone Grease that is compatible with EPDM materials.

Warning: Silicone grease does not act as a sealant in itself. Using too much silicone grease can result in reduced sealing or even flooding.

Keeping the o-rings slightly lubricated will ensure a smooth operation of the battery compartment lid and prolong o-ring life.

When closing the battery compartment, pay close attention to the o-rings to avoid pinching or twisting.

Before & After Each Dive

Before and after each dive, position the Retra Flash vertically, with the dome facing down. Carefully inspect the front dome for any signs of water or moisture inside the dome.

DO NOT use the Retra Flash if water or moisture is present within the front dome. Remove the batteries and contact us for assistance at:

Open your Retra Flash battery compartment lid and take out the batteries. Carefully inspect the Retra Flash to make sure there is absolutely no water present inside the battery compartment.

If you find that water is present in the battery compartment, wipe it with a cloth or towel and leave the battery compartment open and wait for it to dry completely before using the Retra Flash.

After each diving session, turn ON your Retra Flash and fill a bucket or container with lukewarm freshwater.

Place your Retra Flash inside the bucket or container and leave it completely submerged for 15 minutes.

While submerged, push the Pilot/Test button and turn the power and mode dials on the back panel to make sure all salt water is removed from the Retra Flash.

After 15 minutes, take the Retra Flash out of the water, turn it OFF and dry it with a cloth or towel.

Store your Retra Flash away from direct sunlight.

IMPORTANT: Leakage Detection System Information

When the Retra Flash is turned OFF, the leakage detection system is NOT operational and the alarm will NOT be triggered.

ALWAYS keep your Retra Flash turned ON while it is submerged in water.

Storing Your Retra Flash

Before storing your Retra Flash for longer periods of time, always remove the batteries from the battery compartment.

Check the front dome and battery compartment of the Retra Flash for any signs of water or moisture.

If water is present in the battery compartment, wipe it with a cloth or towel and leave the battery compartment open and wait for it to dry completely before storing your Retra Flash.

If water or moisture is present within the front dome of the Retra Flash, please remove the batteries and contact us for assistance at:

If you have Bumpers installed, remove them and inspect the bayonet mount and inside of the Bumpers to make sure no water is present.

Water trapped below the Bumpers may cause unwanted corrosion.

Remove the Bumpers and dry them completely before storing them with Retra Flash.

DO NOT store your Retra products in dry boxes or dry cabinets with humidity under 40 percent.

DO NOT leave your Retra Flash in direct sunlight or high/low temperatures (-20° to +35° Celcius) for longer periods of time.

Bayonet Mount Maintenance

DO NOT force a Retra accessory onto the bayonet mount, if the bayonet mount is difficult to operate.

Remove the Retra accessory and carefully inspect the bayonet mount and accessory for any debris.

If there is no debris and the Retra accessory is still difficult to lock, please use silicone grease (supplied with your Retra Flash) and very lightly lubricate the bayonet mount or the Retra accessory.

If the bayonet mount is still difficult to operate after completing the steps above, your Retra Flash accessory or the bayonet mount may be damaged. Please contact us for assistance at:

Front Dome Maintenance

The front dome of the Retra Flash is made out of plexiglass and can be polished with any kind of plexiglass certified polish solution. 

Please note that scratches on the dome do not affect the quality of the light output of the Retra Flash. Please avoid polishing the dome, if possible.

Should you require a replacement of the front dome please contact us at:

To wash the front dome, use only lukewarm freshwater or a very mild mixture of freshwater and cleaning soap. 

IMPORTANT: Never use any kind of alcohol based cleaning solutions on the front dome. Use only freshwater or a very mild mixture of freshwater and cleaning soap.

Update Firmware

Keep your Retra Flash up to date with the latest firmware updates available on the Retra UWT Smartphone app.

The Retra UWT App is ready to download for free on Google Play and the App store.

To update your Retra Flash, turn on the device by turning the mode dial on the Retra Flash to BATT/TEST.

To activate bluetooth on the Retra Flash Pro Max, push and hold the Pilot/Test button until "BLE" (bluetooth enabled) appears on the display. On other Retra Flash models, push and hold the Pilot/Test button until the indicator light turns blue.

Open the Retra UWT application on your smart device and click on "RETRA FLASH".

Click the "enable Bluetooth" at the bottom of the screen if bluetooth is not enabled on your device.

Click on "+ add new device" and wait while the app searches for available Retra Flash devices.

You should see names of Retra Flash devices appear on the screen (E.g. RF-PRO_PP05).

Click on the name that corresponds with your Retra Flash. Pay attention to the last four characters - they correspond to the serial number on your Retra Flash.

If the Retra Flash does not connect to your smart device automatically, please click "connect".

If an update is available for your Retra Flash, you should see a "Click for update" on the screen.

When the update is installed correctly, a check mark will appear at the center of the screen on the application.

If you run into an error while updating, close the application and try again.

If you run into any issues with the Retra UWT app, please contact us at:

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