Embrace light - admire it, love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will uncover the key to photography.

The Light Shaping Device was made for your underwater strobe

The Light Shaping Device (LSD) works like a projector which takes light from your strobe and pilot light to create a beam with a sharp image at the focus distance. The LSD uses elements like a lens, mask and a diffuser to generate the light beam.

What you see is what you get

The LSD is easy to use, giving you the freedom to create stunning photographs even on your first dive!

When paired with the Retra Flash, you can turn on the guide or modeling light, also called Pilot Light, to see exactly where you're aiming your light and how the end result will look like.

This way, you don't need to waste precious time and air repositioning your strobes. Just turn on the Pilot Light, quickly find the perfect position for your LSD, and start creating amazing photographs.

Discover the Full Creative Potential of the Light Shaping Device

The Light Shaping Device was made for far more than just creating spotlights in macro photography. With the possibility of customizing the size and shape of the light, as well as gaining more control over illumination of the frame, the LSD offers endless creative potential.

Keep reading to discover the full creative potential of the LSD.

Shape your light with various mask sets

The Light Shaping Device features a slot for inserting different masks that change the diameter and/or shape of the light, which gives you endless creative possibilities for truly beautiful results.

We offer two mask sets:

The standard circular mask set - that lets you control the diameter of the light

The creative mask set - that gives you the option of changing the shape of the light (picture above).

Sharpen the edges or make them blurry

You can use the Light Shaping Device to sharpen the edges of the light or make them blurry, depending on your preferred result. The left image shows the light beam in maximal focus at 175 mm from the edge of the LSD (in water). The right image shows the light beam slightly out of focus, giving a softer transition between light and darkness.

Illuminate two spots at once with the double hole mask

Illuminating two spots with one flash was mission impossible - but with the Light Shaping Device, it's easy!

Simply insert the double hole mask from our Creative mask set and find the right distance between the holes. Position your LSD with the help of the Pilot Light and start creating amazing photographs.

Illuminate larger areas in wide angle

The Light Shaping Device can also be used to light wide angle shots. The strong directional and collimated beam of the LSD is perfect for playing with the position of your Retra Flash relative to the subject. This is especially interesting once we get closer to the subject.

" A powerful use of the LSD is not to create a spotlight within your frame, but to create a spotlight large enough to illuminate your subject and foreground, but not the background. " - Alex Mustard

Check out the full field review of our Light Shaping Device by Alex Mustard by clicking the button below.

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Technical Specifications


Aluminium Anodized Housing


600 g

Weight in Water:

≈ 50 g

Body Length:

215 mm

Depth Rating:

- 80 m

Focal Length (in Water):

≈ 175 mm

Focused Light Beam Diameter (in Water):

≈ 60 mm

The LSD is a One-for-All Accessory

The Light Shaping Device consists of two modules: the optical tube and the mounting module. Due to this modular design, the Light Shaping Device can easily be paired with other strobe devices. This means if you ever change your strobe, you only need to change the mounting module and you're ready to go.

Simply exchange the LSD mounting module connected via four screws and attach the Light Shaping Device to the new strobe device.

LSD Compatibility

If your underwater strobe is not on the list, write to us at: for the possibility of making an adapter module.

Retra Flash

All models


Z-330, D200, Z-240, D2000


DS125/160/161, DS230


YS110, YS250, YS-D1, YS-D2, YS-D3


Alpha, Nova, 160 pro, 160 fusion


SF60, SF100, SF150, SF250

One Uw

One 160x


50º port, 4x/8x

Unlock your full creative potential with the Light Shaping Device