The Art of Underwater Lighting

Introducing the 4th generation Retra Flash

When we started the journey of making the Retra Flash, we had a single goal in mind:

Develop a true lighting tool for underwater photography.

Our endless obsession with improving the products we make is reflected in the 4th generation of the Retra Flash Series.

We kept the features that our users loved on previous versions of the Retra Flash and made improvements to every other area.

The end-result are three new underwater strobes that not only look beautiful, but have all the functionality you need to create stunning underwater photographs with every press of the shutter button.

Check out the first impression review of the new Retra Flash Pro Max by clicking on the video below.

Retra Flash Pro Max

It is simply the best underwater strobe we have ever produced. The new Pro Max has the highest power output of the new Retra Flash Series, a new OLED back panel display and is the ultimate lighting tool for any underwater photographer.

Retra Flash Prime+

Featuring the same lamp and reflector design as the Pro Max but with 50% less power output and without the back panel display, it will provide smooth lighting in almost any condition.

Retra Flash Pure

The Pure is our entry level strobe, designed for anyone looking to dive into the world of underwater photography.

And with its smaller flash tube it's perfect for using the LSD snoot to create beautiful macro images.



Retra Flash Pro Max

Retra Flash Prime+

Retra Flash Pure


140 Ws

90 Ws

70 Ws

Power Source

4x / 8x AA Batt.

4x / 8x AA Batt.

4x / 8x AA Batt.


Monolithic Aluminium Alloy

Monolithic Aluminium Alloy

Monolithic Aluminium Alloy

Weight (1)

878g / 995g

838g / 958g

838g / 958g

(1) Weight with 1" (inch) mounting ball and 4x AA Eneloop PRO Batteries / 8x AA Eneloop PRO Batteries respectively

(2) Recycle time varies depending on state of batteries, chosen power setting and if using the Booster

A grown up product with silly performance

The new Retra Flash Pro Max is simply the best underwater strobe we have ever produced. It packs the brightness of larger strobes with its highly efficient triggering system while maintaining its travel friendly size.

At the core of this staggering performance are the all new lamp and reflector which were designed to project each photon exactly where you want it.

We’ve kept the same classic bayonet mount so you can also shape, color and remove your photons as you wish.

Elegant and sturdy design

The new Retra Flash series is made out of an aluminium alloy casing that can withstand depths of up to 100 meters.

Together with the new monolithic design, the new Retra Flash casing offers superior cooling and is more resistant to vibration while in operation or when traveling.

A reliable power source is the key

Our 4th generation Retra Flash models have a redesigned battery compartment which can now hold 8x AA cells without the need for a separate battery compartment, when using the Booster.

The Retra Flash is also fitted with leakage detection systems that warn you if water ever gets into the battery compartment.

Boost your performance

The new Booster is a singular piece that improves the overall efficiency and reduces the recycle time of the Retra Flash.

Exchanging batteries with the Booster is now significantly easier to perform. Simply put in 8x AA cells, screw on the Booster and you're ready to go.

And because there are now only two o-rings that need to be maintained the chances of flooding are lower than ever before.

Bright, clear and easy to read.

As a part of our goal to make the new Retra Flash the most user friendly underwater strobe, we have introduced new feature on the Retra Flash Pro Max that sets it apart from any other underwater strobe.

The centrepiece on the back panel of the Retra Flash Pro Max is the new OLED display that shows you all vital information at a glance.

You can now see the current mode, power setting and battery life of your Retra Flash Pro Max clearly displayed on the screen in any lighting condition, be it the murky depths or sunny shallow waters.

Description of Modes






Turns OFF the Retra Flash


White (capacitors charging)

Green (100 - 75 %)

Yellow (75 - 50 %)

Red (50 - 25 %)

- Shows the level of battery charge in green, yellow and red color

- Pressing the PILOT-TEST button emits a flash at the selected power level



- The Retra Flash can be triggered via built-in optical sensor

- Pressing the PILOT-TEST button turns on the Pilot Light



- Through the lens mode

- Pressing the PILOT-TEST button turns on the Pilot Light



- High-speed synchronization mode

- Pressing the PILOT-TEST button turns on the Pilot Light



- Custom user mode allows modification of strobe light via Retra UWT App

- Pressing the PILOT-TEST button turns on the Pilot Light



The Retra Flash emits a morse code signal for help (SOS)

Imagine the perfect light source ...

The power of luminosity and quality of light are very important aspects in underwater photography. That's why we made no compromise when it came to light output and power, when designing the Retra Flash.

The circular flash tube, combined with a completely new reflector design and a frosted dome, produces a high quality light output that no other underwater strobe its size can offer.

The Retra Flash provides softer and more evenly distributed illumination of the subject, delivering stunning results in a variety of conditions.

And with flexible light control you can adjust the intensity of illumination to design your light according to your needs.

The Retra Flash also features a powerful central pilot light ideal for snooting. With a super powerful centrally positioned pilot light you will be able to find your light spot even in very bright conditions.

For more information on the quality of light, read the article by clicking the button below.

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Retra UWT App and Smartphone Connectivity

Ready to download for free on Google Play and the App store.

We wanted to make an underwater strobe that allows its users to have as much control and information on the performance of their strobe as possible. That's why we made the Retra UWT Application (for Android & iOS) that can connect with your Retra Flash via bluetooth.

Retra Flash is the first underwater strobe with smartphone connectivity - made for the 21st century.

The application allows you to check the status of your strobe, providing you with information like current version, number of flashes made, and battery charge levels. You can also customize the light output, set advanced features like HSS, Smart SL, Pilot Adjust and more.

The Retra Flash is also future-proof as you can download firmware updates from the Retra UWT App to keep your Retra Flash up to date.

Design your strobe light without boundaries

The new Retra Flash series features the classic bayonet mount at the front of the strobe that enables a variety of accessories to be attached for a truly customizable light source.

With the bayonet mount, your Retra Flash can be transformed into a specialist lighting tool.

The selection of Diffusers change the color temperature, softness and output of the light. You can choose from: White, Soft, Wide angle, and Shark Diffusers.

The Reduction Ring narrows and focuses the light beam. It helps reduce backscatter for macro or low visibility photography. The Reduction Ring is also used as an attachment module for the Macro Rings and Reflector accessories.

The Macro and Super Macro Rings reduce the angle of light for "Macro" and "Super Macro" images. They are perfect for getting up close and personal with your subjects.

The Reflector boosts the light output by +1 F-stop (in water) and narrows the angle of light for more precise light control.

The Bumper Rings are attached to the front and the back of the Retra Flash to protect the edges against damage during rough seas.

The Protective Ring does not impact the size or quality of light. It's main task is to shield the dome from damage.

A testing regime worth noting

Over the course of development of the Retra Flash, we put our strobe through rigorous testing to ensure the materials and systems were up to the highest standards.

A combined total of more than 1,4 million test shots were made with prototype and pre-production units of the Retra Flash. We were looking for failure in every condition and pushing the material to its limits. The final result is a product that can withstand anything the photographer asks from it.

Embark on an underwater adventure of epic proportions with the new Retra Flash

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