Dive into a collection of stunning photographs made with our Retra Flash models.

Credits for all photographs, featured on this webpage, go to Alex Mustard.

“I’ve used the flash guns from the tropics to coldwater, I’ve used them in great visibility like Iceland and Cayman, and also much poorer visibility, and found the strobes really adaptable in all these conditions, which is great for me, because I like to challenge myself as an underwater photographer to take pictures in a wide variety of conditions.”

- Alex Mustard

“The Retra Flash strobes flatter the photographer by creating a nice even illumination without hotspots, and without big shadows across your subject matter.”

- Alex Mustard

“Strobes that have strong directional beams can give a lot of power but they require a lot of detail adjustment on strobe positions to get an evenness of light on the subject, whereas strobes like the Retra Flash that have natural wide, soft light are just much easier to use.”

- Alex Mustard

“The Retra Flash has plenty of power for shooting sunset or sunrise split-levels, which usually require a good kick of strobe light to light them up - particularly the reef photos.”

- Alex Mustard

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