The Booster is a singular piece that increases the performance of the 4th generation Retra Flash models (Pro Max, Prime +, Pure) by giving space for 8x rechargeable AA batteries.

The Booster doubles battery life and reduces the recycle time by more than 50%. Once mounted it is very secure so you can hold on to it while adjusting the strobe underwater.


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What’s new

  • New lightweight singular piece design
  • 50% weight reduction compared to previous versions of the Supercharger
  • Super easy exchange of the battery compartment lid


Original Retra Flash

Retra Flash Prime/Prime X & Pro/Pro X

Retra Flash Pro Max, Pure, Prime +




Retra Warranty

The Booster includes 2,5 years of Retra Warranty when purchased together with the Retra Flash.

Read more about our Retra Warranty here.

User Manual

User manuals for the Retra Flash are available from our App called "Retra UWT", ready to download for free on Google Play and the App store.

This item contains

  • 1x Booster
  • 1x Carry pouch
  • +6 months Retra Warranty

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The Booster powers up your Retra Flash by giving space for 8x rechargeable AA batteries, that doubles battery life and reduces recycle time by half.

The new Booster is a singular piece that reduces chances of leakage and allows quick and easy exchange of the lid and batteries.

The new design is 50% lighter compared to the previous models of Supercharger.

Its lightweight and compact design, paired with the built-in leakage detection system, make it a must-have accessory for the 4th generation Retra Flash.


Increase in Battery Life

The Booster increases the battery life of the Retra Flash by 100%, enabling longer underwater photography sessions.

50 %

Shorter Recycle Time

The Booster decreases the recycle time of the Retra Flash by half, enabling fast action shooting.

Booster Info

Number of Flashes at 50 % Power with Booster
1000 +

Number Flashes at 100 % Power with Booster
560 +

Stand-by time with Booster
24h +

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