Retra Flash Prime+

The Retra Flash Prime+ is our mid range strobe that features the same circular flash tube as the Retra Flash Pro Max model, with reduced power and without the OLED display.

The Retra Flash Prime+ shipping NOW!

The current delay is 5 - 7 days. If you have an urgent order, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.


The Retra Flash Prime+ shipping NOW!

The current delay is 5 - 7 days. If you have an urgent order, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

User Manual

User manuals for the Retra Flash are available from our App called "Retra UWT", ready to download for free on Google Play and the App store.

Retra Warranty

The Retra Flash Prime+ ​comes with 2 years of Worldwide Retra Warranty.

This means that no matter where you are located the Worldwide Retra Warranty is valid and your Retra product will be taken care of​.​​​​

When purchased together with the Booster, both products receive additional 6 months of Worldwide Retra Warranty for a total of 2,5 years of coverage.

Read more about our​ Worldwide​ Retra Warranty here.

This item contains

  • 1x Retra Flash Prime+
  • 1x 1"(inch) Mounting ball
  • 1x Allen key
  • 2x spare o-rings for battery compartment
  • 1x Silicone grease
  • 2 year Retra Warranty

    Sale price$1,290.00 USD (ex.VAT)

    Technical Specification


    Retra Flash Prime+


    90 Ws

    Power Source (1)

    AA Batteries


    Monolithic Aluminium Alloy

    (1) 4x AA rechargeable batteries or 8x AA rechargeable batteries when using Booster

    (2) Weight on land with 1" (inch) mounting ball and 4x AA Eneloop PRO Batteries / 8x AA Eneloop PRO Batteries respectively

    (3) Recycle time varies depending on the state of batteries, chosen power setting and if using the Booster

    Imagine the Perfect Light Source

    The Retra Flash Prime+ has the same reflector and lamp as the Pro Max, with slightly reduced power. The Retra Flash Prime+ offers high level of control over the strength of illumination.

    • Soft and even spread of illumination
    • Wide range of light power output
    • High speed synchronization

    Classic Bayonet Mount

    The bayonet mount remains the same on all Retra Flash models and allows you to mount accessories that change the shape and color temperature of the Retra Flash.

    • Locking mechanism for safely attaching accessories
    • Compatible with all existing Retra Flash front-mounted accessories

    Intuitive Back Panel Controls

    The back panel is easy to learn and features all essential modes as well as a customizable user mode.

    • Battery/Test mode
    • Manual mode
    • Through the lens mode
    • High speed sync mode
    • Custom user mode
    • SOS mode

    Elegant & Sturdy Design

    The Retra Flash Prime + is a travel friendly strobe with an elegant design that's easy to operate underwater.

    • Aluminium alloy casing
    • Monolithic design
    • Depth rating -100 m
    • Light-weight

    Smartphone Connectivity

    You can download the Retra UWT app and connect to your Retra Flash via bluetooth.

    Retra UWT App allows you to:

    • Download firmware updates
    • Create custom user modes
    • See basic information (number of flashes, current version, serial number, etc)
    • Read instruction manuals

    You can download the Retra UWT app for free on Google Play and the App store.

    Leakage Detection & Prevention

    The Retra Flash has a very low chance of leakage and even warns you if water ever enters the battery compartment.

    • Built-in leakage detection
    • Double O-ring protection
    • Battery compartment waterproof sealed from electronics
    • Circuit protection

    Description of modes


    White (capacitors charging)

    Green/Yellow/Red (battery life)

    Shows the level of battery charge, and preview of lamp settings



    The Retra Flash power can be set manually. The M mode also allows the strobe to be triggered via built-in optical sensor



    Through the lens mode. The Retra Flash works together with your camera to automatically pick the optimal exposure for the scene



    High speed synchronization mode



    Custom user mode allows modification of strobe light via Retra UWT App



    The Retra Flash emits a morse code signal for help (SOS)

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