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The Reflector boosts the light output by +1 F-stop (in water) and narrows the angle of light for more precise light control. The light output is ideal for macro and CFWA photography in manual or TTL mode.

The Reflector is securely mounted onto the Reduction ring and locks via o-ring friction.

The Reflector works only in combination with the Reduction ring.


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The package includes

  • 1x Reflector

        Reflector Mounting

        The Retra Reflector is mounted onto the Reduction ring accessory and locks via O-ring friction.

        +1 F-Stop

        The Reflector boosts the light output

        Light Comparison

        The Retra Reflector narrows the light beam of the Retra Flash and gives you an extra +1 F-Stop of light.

        Reflector Reviews

        – Alex Mustard

        ”I think one of the Retra accessories that is brilliant for blackwater diving and no one’s talking about it is the Retra Reflector.

        The Reflector narrows the beam of the strobe down and gives you an extra stop of light. For blackwater photography, you’re usually shooting quite closed apertures and having an extra stop of light is therefore really, really valuable.”

        – Mike Bartick, Award-winning Marine Wildlife Photographer

        "The reflector is fun to use and perfectly suited for all-around use, including macro, wide angle, close focus wide angle, and oh yeah, blackwater!"

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