Final update - new Retra Flash

Final update - new Retra Flash

We are excited to say that this is our final update before the new flashguns will start the journey into your hands. We want to share with you our current program. 

Made with 2x Retra Flash PRO (prototype), Raja Ampat 2019

For the past 3 months we have been glued to our measuring equipment and pushed our prototype flashguns to the limits. By doing so we have found out how to extract the maximum performance from the new Retra Flash while keeping the vital components well within operating range. Besides this we have seen how the new flashguns perform in practical situations and we can say that we are very happy with the outcome.

The new flashguns are, by a considerable margin, better than anything currently on offer for the underwater photographer.

Inspection of engravings on the new Retra Flash housing

All housings and the majority of housing components are finished and we have already begun with the assembly. This process is expected to continue in the next 3-4 weeks until all pre-ordered housings are ready to be mated with their electronic counter parts. 

Made with 2x Retra Flash PRO (prototype), Maldives 2019

Inspection of dials for the new Retra Flash

All electronics components are already on stock but we need to make sure that our final designs behave the same as the prototype units before we can start assembly of electronics. The first pre-production batch of the electronics is currently undergoing final testing and we expect to complete and confirm the production version in 2-3 weeks.  As soon as we have the green light from our development team we can begin the assembly process and final testing before the new Retra Flash is ready for shipping.

Made with 2x Retra Flash PRO (prototype), Maldives 2019

We are introducing the new Neoprene protector and Bumpers which are now available for pre-order in our online shop, here.

The Bumpers have been especially designed to protect the edges of your flash during rough seas and are mounted to the back and front of all Retra Flash models. They are kept firmly in place by double o-rings on both bumpers.

The new Macro rings will be available in our online shop in the next couple weeks and will be shipping together with the new Retra Flash.

Made with 2x Retra Flash PRO (prototype), Maldives 2019

Although we have taken more time to confirm our designs for the new Retra Flash we are aiming to start the shippings at the end of January 2020.

Please check your shipping address and let us know if any changes must be made.

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