Retra Flash Bayonet Mount: One for All Mounting System

Retra Flash Bayonet Mount: One for All Mounting System

The innovative Retra Flash feature, the Bayonet Mount, placed at the front of the strobe, allows you to attach a wide variety of Retra Flash light modifiers effortlessly and securely.

With a range of diffusers, macro rings, reflectors, and much more - you can shape, focus and change the color temperature of your strobe light to capture award-winning moments with the press of a button.

Compatible Across All Retra Flash Models

One of the standout features of the Bayonet Mount is our Classic A1 design that remains consistent across all Retra Flash models.

This means that any light modifier accessory you invest in now will be fully compatible with past, present, and future Retra Flash models.

Swap Accessories on the Fly

The twist-lock mechanism gives you the ability to switch to any desired light modifier effortlessly and tailor your Retra Flash to any style of photography, while on the move.

Easy and Secure Lock Mechanism

With a simple twist, you can lock your accessories securely in place – just align the unlocked symbol with the black dot on the Bayonet Mount and keep turning clockwise until you hear that satisfying click.

The easy and secure safety lock mechanism ensures your gear stays firmly connected to your Retra Flash while diving.

Rope Loop For Your Convenience

Making your underwater experience even smoother, most Retra Flash light modifiers come equipped with a convenient rope loop for simple mounting.

As an added bonus, you can secure any light modifier that's not in use by fastening it to your BCD using a carabiner or by tucking it away in your BCD pocket.

Bonus Hack for Rough Seas

When faced with turbulent seas, you can utilize an additional rope loop – just loop it around the accessory's rope loop and slide it over the mounting ball (as illustrated above).

It's a quick and effective strategy to additionally secure your light modifiers during rough seas.

Ready to Transform Your Underwater Photography?

Visit our shop and choose from a variety of light modifiers that transform your Retra Flash into a professional lighting tool that delivers top-tier performance in any lighting condition.

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