4th Generation Retra Flash Series

4th Generation Retra Flash Series


Retra Flash Pro Max, Retra Flash Prime +, Retra Flash Pure
With our 4th generation Retra Flash Series, we wanted to push the limits of innovation and give our fans a user-friendly underwater strobe that could deliver top-tier performance in any lighting condition, and with any style of underwater photography.  
When designing the new Retra Flash Series, we first went through all the comments and reviews, trying to figure out what our users loved about the previous versions of the Retra Flash.  
Classic Bayonet Mount
That’s why we decided to keep the classic bayonet mount (seen above) that uses a locking mechanism that allows you to safely attach accessories that can customize the light of the Retra Flash according to your needs. This gives you true creative freedom to snap beautiful photographs in any setting.
Back Panel Display
We also kept the back panel design, with an added feature for all the technology buffs out there. The back panel on the new Retra Flash Pro Max features an OLED display that shows all relevant information in one place. Information, like the current mode, power setting, battery life, recycle time and more, is uncluttered and clearly visible in deep dark water as well as in sunny shallows.
Lastly, the color temperature and spread of illumination remains just how our users like it - smooth and even. We kept the circular flash-tube that enables smooth and even lighting but redesigned the reflector and dome to give an extra kick to power output of the light.

Faster - Brighter - Better

Made with Retra Flash Pure (credits go to Alex Mustard)

Every other aspect of the new Retra Flash got a serious upgrade. The new Retra Flash Series feature completely upgraded electronics and triggering system that enables higher light output with less power consumption.

The battery compartment was completely redesigned to offer easier exchange of batteries. Especially when used together with the new Booster, that gives space for 4x additional AA batteries. The new battery compartment design also significantly lowers chances of water leakage.
The new Retra Flash casing is made out of a monolithic aluminium alloy casing that is able to withstand depths of up to -100 m. The new Retra Flash models maintained their travel friendly size, as always. The new monolithic design offers superior cooling and protection against vibration during travel and operation.

Technical Specifications

RF Pro Max RF Prime + RF Pure
Power 140 Ws 90 Ws 70 Ws
Power source 4x/8x AA Batt
4x/8x AA Batt
4x/8x AA Batt
Weight (1)
878g / 995g
838g / 958g
838g / 958g
Recycle time (2) 0-3s
Leakage detection Yes Yes /
Back panel display Yes / /
HSS Yes Yes /
Bluetooth connectivity Yes Yes Yes
Bayonet mount Classic A1 Classic A1 Classic A1
(1) Weight with mounting ball and 4x AA Eneloop PRO Batteries / 8x AA Eneloop PRO Batteries, respectively
(2) Recycle time varies depending on state of batteries, chosen power setting and if using the Booster
FishMade with Retra Flash Pro Max (credits go to Alex Mustard)
The 4th generation Retra Flash Series is our most ambitious and most advanced underwater strobe series yet. And we can't wait to see all the amazing and beautiful photographs you will create.
You can pre-order your own Retra Flash by clicking the link below.

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