Retra Flash pre-production update!

Retra Flash pre-production update!

You are the driving force for the new Retra Flash.

We have kept our heads down and worked tirelessly to achieve the goals we set for the new Retra Flash.

Your feedback has motivated us to make improvements in performance and handling.

Updated tech-spec:

  • 100W/s (GN30 on land) - see comparison here
  • Recycle time @100%: 2s (4x eneloop pro), 1.5s (8x eneloop pro) - updated specs since July 2018
  • Number of flash @100%, 0.5Hz: 450x (4x eneloop pro), 900x (8x eneloop pro)
  • 300 lumen pilot light
  • Pilot light burn time @100%: 3h (4x eneloop pro), 6h (8x eneloop pro)
  • 5400K color temperature (4500K with wide angle diffuser)
  • 110º beam angle
  • 9 manual exposure levels
  • S-TTL with +/- 2 F-stop adjustment
  • Slave mode with smart pre-flash cancellation
  • 4 level smart battery indicator
  • Electrical connector options: S&S 5 pin, S6, N5 and Ikelite 5 pin
  • Inon and Sea&Sea dual compatible optical connector
  • Length = 120mm
  • Diameter = 102,5mm
  • Weight = 725g (without batteries and accessories, including 1” mounting ball)
  • Underwater weight = -50g
  • -100m depth rating
  • 2 year extendable Retra Warranty

Standard package includes:

  • Retra Flash
  • 1” ball mount
  • Wide angle diffuser
  • Neoprene protector
  • 2 year extendable Retra Warranty


Additional battery compartment

The Additional battery compartment allows you to add 4x AA batteries to your strobe. It is easily mounted and very secure so you can hold on to it while adjusting the strobe in water.

Recycle time at 100% power is 0.8 seconds (8x eneloop pro)

Full power flash at 0,5 Hz rate: 900x (8x eneloop pro)

It weighs 145g (excluding batteries) and will be supplied with an additional neoprene to make it neutral in water.

Buy the Additional battery compartment

LSD Ultimate for Retra Flash

The LSD Ultimate for the Retra Flash features an easy to use and robust bayonet mount. We were able to save -50g of weight due to the new Mounting module. The overall length is reduced by 3 centimeters.

Buy the LSD Ultimate for Retra Flash

Shark diffuser

The Shark diffuser is designed to keep the original light beam size and shift the color temperature for large animal photography.

110º angle, 4400K, -0.8 F-stop

Buy the Shark diffuser for Retra Flash

Wide angle diffuser

The Wide angle diffuser shifts the color temperature and increases the angle of light.

1x Wide angle diffuser is included in the package as standard.

130º angle, 4500K, -0.6 F-stop

Buy the Wide angle diffuser for Retra Flash

White diffuser

The white diffuser increases the angle of light and can serve as a base for your own color filters.

120º angle, 5200K, -0,2 F-stop

Buy the White diffuser for Retra Flash

Protective ring

The protective ring does not reduce the light beam but it acts as a protector so you can be more confident when shooting in tight spaces.

Buy the Protective ring for Retra Flash

Reduction ring

The Reduction ring cuts off the light pattern which makes it ideal for reducing backscatter in macro or wide angle shots.

Buy the Reduction ring for Retra Flash




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