New Retra Flash coming in 2019

New Retra Flash coming in 2019

Hi, Everyone!

As the title suggests a new Retra Flash will be available in 2019. We wish to inform you about the planned schedule for pre-orders and shipping and also mention a few changes the new product will bring. Complete technical specifications and pricing will be announced when the pre-orders start so please hold on to any inquiries until then.

First, we would like to thank everyone who sent us their thoughts and suggestions regarding the changes they would like to see on their current Retra Flashes. We really appreciate it and are happy to say almost all of them will be implemented in one way or another, to make the new product even better.


The new product will have the same housing dimensions and bayonet mount as the current Retra Flash. We have made some changes to the positions of the controls to make them even more accessible and the dials more visible.

The new Retra Flash will not come with as many features and accessories as standard. The Battery indicator, Electrical connector, Neoprene protector and Wide angle diffuser will be available as extras. Even though these features and accessories will not come as standard, the base price of the new Retra Flash will not change significantly. Once the currently standard features and accessories are added, the price will increase approximately 20% in comparison with the current package.

The current offer of accessories will remain available with a couple new additions - compatible with both the current and the new model. Although the bayonet mount and housing dimensions will not change and related accessories will remain compatible, the new Retra Flash will get a new Additional Battery Compartment which will not be compatible with the current model.

This change will be accompanied by a new battery compartment door, designed to improve the handling and reduce the chance of flooding the battery compartment. We are happy to report that no Retra Flash was flooded inside the main strobe compartment and only a few cases were reported of a battery compartment flood; but water never reached or damaged the actual electronics. With additional safety features we wish to achieve a 0% statistic on this front as well.

We have been working on a new TTL program which will be available at the end of the year as a firmware upgrade for the current Retra Flash and will come as standard on the new version. Several smaller tweaks and improvements to the firmware will be included.

The majority of changes are related to our production process, additional tooling, automation and intensive product optimisation. Although most changes will remain unnoticed, we were able to develop two exciting new features exclusively for the new Retra Flash. Details about these features will be announced once the pre-orders begin.



The new Retra Flash will be available for pre-order, starting on 12th November 2018. The pre-order phase will last for 30 days after which no further discount will be offered. Be the first to get the news and join our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Current Retra Flash owners will have the opportunity to purchase at a higher discount during the 30 day pre-order phase after which a smaller discount will still be available for a limited time. Discounts for current Retra Flash owners will be handed out individually so make sure to contact us after 12th November at:

Delivery is estimated in May/June 2019.

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