Introducing the Reflector for Retra Flash

Introducing the Reflector for Retra Flash
The new Retra Flash produces a wide spread beam of light - ideal for wide angle photography. To make our flashgun as versatile as possible we have developed the Reflector - a superior light shaping product.
Left image with Reflector, right image with White diffuser on the same power level.

The Reflector increases the power output of the flashgun by +1 F-stop (in water) and narrows the beam angle - ideal for macro and CFWA photography in manual or TTL mode. It increases the power output in HSS mode as well!

The new Reflector is made from a single piece of aluminium and is treated with a highly reflective finish that doubles as a corrosion and scratch resistant coating. Made to last and perform at the highest level.
A Jackfish rides a Jellyfish on a blackwater dive, lighting with 1x Retra Flash and Reflector
The new Reflector starts shipping at the end of October 2020.

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