It's time for LSD Ultimate!

It's time for LSD Ultimate!
We are proudly introducing a new Light Shaping Device called "LSD Ultimate". It is an upgrade to our successful LSD prime with improvements to the optical system and a completely new aluminium housing which is up to 100g lighter than the previous model. 
The housing of the LSD Ultimate is made from two modules: the optical tube and the mounting module. They are connected via four screws which makes the mounting module exchangeable. If you change your flash you just buy the mounting module (€80 excluding shipping and taxes). 
The optical system of the LSD Ultimate is largely the same as on the LSD prime with minor adjustments to the internal optical elements. These adjustment have improved the contrast of the light beam which will be appreciated by serious photographers. 
The mask system and mask exchange have stayed the same as with the LSD prime but we are introducing new mask options: Standard, Creative and Circular. They all consist of four plates with up to 13 shapes. They cost €40 (excluding taxes and shipping) per set.
The new LSD Ultimate starts selling today at €300 (excluding shipping and taxes). 
For all orders above €379 (excluding taxes) we are offering FREE Worldwide Express shipping. 

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