Spare O-Rings

All Retra Flash and Supercharger models use standard dimension for the battery compartment O-rings, listed below. They can be bought at your local O-ring shop or directly from our online shop.

Retra Flash (Pro Max/Prime+/Pure):

  • Ø46 x 2,5 (EPDM 70) x2pcs

Retra Flash (Prime/PRO/Pro X/Prime X):

  • Ø40 x 2,5 (EPDM 70) x2pcs

Supercharger (for Retra Flash Prime/PRO/Pro X/Prime X):

  • Ø40 x 2,5 (EPDM 70) x2pcs
  • Ø47 x 2,5 (EPDM 70) x2pcs

Original Retra Flash: 

  • Ø36 x 3 (EPDM 70) x1pcs

Original Retra Flash Additional battery compartment: 

  • Ø36 x 3 (EPDM 70) x1pcs
  • Ø38 x 3 (EPDM 70) x1pcs


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Delivery to EU: 1-2 working days

Delivery to Australia and Asia: 2-5 working days


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