The Bumpers are fitted to both ends of the Retra Flash to protect the edges during rough seas. Both Bumpers feature double o-ring seals which keep them firmly in place and need to be mounted dry.

All accessories for the Retra Flash (Supercharger, diffusers, LSD, rings, etc.) are mounted normally when the Bumpers are installed. The Bumpers do not get in the way of other accessories and keep the edges of your Retra Flash protected.

For maximum protection we highly recommend using the Bumpers in combination with Neoprene for Bumpers.


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Delivery to Australia and Asia: 2-5 working days


Original Retra Flash

PRO/Prime/Pro X/Prime X

Pro Max/Prime+/Pure

YES (*)



(*) Rear Bumper not compatible when Additional battery compartment is in use with Original Retra Flash. 

This package includes

  • 1x Front bumper
  • 1x Rear bumper

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