Retra Flash Underwater Photography Contest Collection

This is a collection of photographs that made it into the final selection in the Retra Flash Underwater Photography Contest.

Finalist & People's Choice

Captured by: Carlo Reali

This photograph is a stunning capture of a dynamic scene of feeding and symbiosis.

The composition and lighting are superb and its no wonder that this photograph was a crowd favorite.

Finalist & People's Choice

Captured by: Lauren Wang

This photograph is a truly captivating capture and an example of how busy life around the reef gets.

There is so much going on in this photograph that we weren't surprised to see that it received the title People's Choice.


Captured by: Mayumi Takeuchi-Ebbins

We love the dynamic pose of the shark and the crisp lighting of this photograph.

Runner-up & People's Choice

Captured by: Mike Ekberg

This photograph of a Caribbean reef shark was beautifully executed, with splendid lighting and composition.

This photograph is a true textbook example, so it was no surprise that it received the title People's Choice.


Captured by: Frédérique Legrand

The composition of groupers in the front and sharks in the back is mesmerizing and the lighting was well executed.


When making the final selection, it was very hard to decide which photographs to include, because they were all so outstanding.

We liked these photographs and wanted to give them some extra love.