Retra UWT

E-Opto converter

€99 EUR

E-Opto converter
E-Opto converter E-Opto converter E-Opto converter E-Opto converter

€99 EUR

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Estimated delivery: August/September 2019 (*)

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    The package includes:

    • E-Opto converter for connector of choice
    • 2x CR1225 batteries
    • Low battery indicator
    • Short optical cable

    Electrical cable and long optical cable are not included.
    Works with manual power settings only.

    Convert your electrical cables into optical triggers and trigger any flashgun with an optical trigger (Inon or Sea&Sea type optical connector supported as standard). You can now remove the flashgun from your camera under water and use it quickly to create backlighting effects, for example on corals. You may connect up to two optical cables into the converter. 

     (*) WARNING: You are pre-ordering a product currently under development. Delivery times may change due to production delays or product improvements. If you are planning a diving trip with the new Retra Flash at the time of the estimated delivery date we strongly advise against pre-ordering! There is no guarantee you will receive the product on time. Your pre-order may be fully refunded at any time. Currency conversion changes will not be compensated in the event of a refund.

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