Retra UWT

The Story of a Underwater Flashgun

10 years after the debut of our first lighting product we are introducing a new line of Retra Flash underwater flashguns. Over the past decade underwater photographers and engineers have teamed up with a single goal in mind: develop a true lighting tool for underwater photography. The new Retra Flash Pro X and Prime X reflect the experience and knowledge we accumulated during countless hours of laboratory and field testing. The end result is a light output that is optimised for the best all-around performance, delivering outstanding images with every press of the shutter button...

Ideal light source? A complete circle

The first underwater flashgun with a true circular flash tube. We've made no compromise when it came to light output and power. The new Retra Flash is the most powerful underwater flashgun in it's size...

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Engineered to Perfection: 1,4 Million test shots

A combined total of more than 1,4 million test shots were made with prototype and pre-production units of the new Retra Flash while testing in the real world and the laboratory. Failure is no option...

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Battery indicator, Flood detector, Advanced user modes: Standard features only on the Retra Flash

The only underwater flashgun with built-in Leakage detector, multi-level AA Battery charge indication and programable Advanced user modes. Made by underwater photographers for underwater photographers...

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World's first underwater flashgun with Smartphone Connectivity

Set advanced features like HSS and Low power SL through the App. Get firmware updates, check battery status, trigger count and more. Retra Flash is made for the 21st century...


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Find out more about the Retra Flash, learn all about it's unique features and the performance figures.

Retra Flash Reviews

"After several months of constant use, I have nothing but good things to say about the Retra Flash PRO, and they have now become my go-to flashgun for the majority of my underwater photography work."

– Daniel Norwood, Dive Photo Guide

"With the Retra Flash Prime, the quality and consistency of the light on subjects I was seeing was far more pleasing. The lighting from the Prime’s fully circular flash tube was impressively even..."

– Walt Stearns, Scuba Diver Destinations

"It is fun to use and perfectly suited for all-around use, including macro, wide angle, close focus wide angle, and oh yeah, blackwater!"

– Mike Bartick, Reflector review

"I would buy them again if presented with the same choice."

– Nicolas Remy, UWP Magazine

LSD - Light Shaping Device

Photography is all about light and the LSD is all about controlling the light. Easily mounted to your flash it makes a big difference to your macro and wide angle photographs. And it's not just about the spotlights...

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