A brand new Battery Pack for the Retra Flash

A brand new Battery Pack for the Retra Flash


We’re thrilled to introduce you to the brand new Retra Power Vault; a Lithium-Ion battery pack designed specifically for the Retra Flash.

We're also offering a special pre-order price for the Retra Power Vault - available for a limited time.

But, first things first, let’s talk about the safety of the Power Vault.

We know how crucial it is for underwater photographers to trust their gear, so we’ve taken every precaution to make the Retra Power Vault as safe as possible. We’ve enclosed the power cells in a fireproof anodized aluminum shell, ensuring that the powerful energy of the Li-Ion batteries is safely contained. The integrated pressure relief valve is there for added protection in case of any accidents.

Which leads us to the performance of the Retra Power Vault

When it comes to performance, the Retra Power Vault offers more than 10% improvement in recycle time and double the battery life compared to the 8xAA setup, you’ll experience consistent performance regardless of the battery charge levels. Imagine getting up to 4,000 shots at 25% power and up to 2,000 shots at half power with the Retra Flash Pro Max. That’s a significant boost in autonomy over traditional AA batteries.

What about charging your Retra Power Vault?

Forget about carrying around special chargers and connectors just for your battery pack. With the Retra Power Vault, you can use any standard USB-C cable to charge your battery pack with ease - just plug it into the port at the bottom of the Power Vault, and you’re good to go!

But the real game-changer is our lifetime battery renewal program.

While battery packs offer a lot of power, they have one major flaw. Traditionally, when a battery pack stops working or a new version comes along, the manufacturers usually don’t make or support the older versions anymore and as such, your old battery pack eventually becomes trash.

But not anymore! We've designed the Retra Power Vault in a way that enables us to guarantee a lifetime of battery renewals. This means that whenever the batteries reach the end of their life-cycle, you will be able to send the Power Vault back to us for an exchange of batteries (service and shipping costs apply).

The old batteries are then sent to a state-of-the-art battery recycling plant to ensure minimal (near zero) pollution.

By choosing the Retra Power Vault, you’re not just opting for superior performance and safety; you’re also making a choice to support our planet by conserving energy and resources, reducing waste and helping protect our precious oceans.

Pre-order the Power Vault here >> 

To celebrate the new Retra Power Vault, we're offering an exclusive pre-order price until 8th July 2024. Don't miss out on our special pre-order deal and level up your Retra Flash performance with the new Retra Power Vault today!

And if you don't have your Retra Flash yet, we have a treat for you!

We are also offering a special price for the Retra Flash Power Bundle, which includes:

- 1x Retra Flash Pro Max
- 1x Retra Booster (with 2x chargers)
- 1x Retra Power Vault

Start your epic underwater adventure with the new Retra Flash Power Bundle!

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