Silicone Grease Does Not Act as a Sealant

Silicone Grease Does Not Act as a Sealant

Among the crucial components in underwater strobes are the O-rings that serve as a vital seal to prevent water from infiltrating sensitive electronic components and flooding your strobe. However, a common misconception, regarding the role of silicone grease in maintaining these seals, remains an issue.
Silicone grease and O-rings

While silicone grease is indeed essential for ensuring smooth operation and extending the lifespan of O-rings, it's important to clarify that silicone grease does not function as a sealant itself. Rather, the primary purpose of silicone grease is to reduce friction during installation and use of O-rings.

And while silicone grease is an indispensable tool for O-ring maintenance, it's essential to recognise its limitations. Silicone grease cannot compensate for damaged or improperly installed O-rings, nor can it repair existing leaks. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance of O-rings are paramount to ensure reliable performance underwater.When greasing an O-ring, always take it out of the groove to avoid silicone build-up inside the groove. Before greasing an O-ring, inspect it for signs of debris or damage. Then, use a very small amount (size of a grain of rice) of silicone grease and spread it evenly over the entire surface of the O-ring, until the surface of the O-ring becomes glossy.

Please only use silicone grease that is compatible with EPDM materials to grease Retra Flash O-rings.Please avoid excessive application of silicone grease, as this can attract debris and potentially cause water intrusion and/or leaks.

By understanding the role of silicone grease and adopting diligent maintenance practices, you can ensure that your Retra Flash Pro Max remains happy and in optimal working condition, enabling you to capture the immense beauty of the ocean for decades to come.

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