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In the ever-evolving world of underwater photography, staying ahead of the curve is essential for capturing those breathtaking moments beneath the waves.

The Retra Flash series is in-step with the 21st century and enables you to connect the Retra Flash to your smart device via bluetooth.

Download Firmware Updates

The Retra UWT Application enables you to keep your Retra Flash up to date without the added hassle of looking for cables or even sending your strobe back to the manufacturer.

With a few simple clicks, you can download the latest firmware update and ensure your strobe never becomes obsolete.

With each update, you can expect improved performance, enhanced features, and better overall functionality.

Set Custom User Modes

The Retra UWT App allows you to set custom user modes and tailor your Retra Flash experience to suit your specific needs.

Whether you're shooting vibrant coral reefs, mysterious shipwrecks, or elusive marine life, you can fine-tune your Retra Flash to achieve the perfect lighting and exposure every time.

View Strobe Information

The Retra UWT app offers easy access to information about your strobe. You can check battery status, current firmware version, number of flashes made with the strobe, the serial number of your Retra Flash and more!

Instruction Manuals

If you have questions about how the Retra Flash functions, the Retra UWT App provides easy access to information that's always at hand, including user manuals for every Retra Flash model.

Remote testing & Diagnostics

One of the most innovative aspects of the Retra UWT App is its ability to conduct remote testing and diagnostics.

Troubleshoot potential issues, check the functionality of your strobe, and perform diagnostics without having to disassemble your equipment.

This feature not only saves time but also ensures that your gear is always in top working condition.

Download Retra UWT Application

The Retra UWT smartphone application is available to download for FREE on Google Play and the App Store.

Android users can download the Retra UWT App here
>>> Download Link

Apple users can download the Retra UWT App here
>>> Download Link

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