Retra Flash Pro X

Over the past decade, underwater photographers and engineers have teamed up with a single goal in mind: develop a true lighting tool for underwater photography. The Retra Flash Pro X and Prime X were rigorously tested and optimised with feedback from engineers and professional photographers. The final design of the Pro X and Prime X strobes reflects the experience and knowledge we accumulated during countless hours of laboratory and field testing. 

The end result is an elegant compact casing with a powerful light output that is optimised for the best all-around performance, delivering outstanding images with every press of the shutter button.


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Technical Specification

 Diameter & length

102,5 mm x 130 mm

Weight (3)

865 g

Weight in water (3)

~130 g

Weight with Supercharger (4)

1.070 g

Weight in water with Supercharger (4)

~240 g

Depth rating

- 100 m


150 Ws

Color Temperature

~ 4.900 K

Pilot Light Power (5)

500 lm

Pilot Light Angle


Pilot Light burn time at full power (1)

~ 1,5 h

Pilot light burn time at full power (2)

~ 2,5 h

Recycle time to 80% power (1)

~ 2,5 s

Recycle time to 80% power (2)

~ 1,3 s

Recycle time to 40% power (1)

~ 1,3 s

Recycle time to 40% power (2)

~ 0,7 s

No. flash at full power (1)


No. flash at full power (2)


No. flash at half power (1)


No. flash at half power (2)


Multi-level battery indicator


HSS ready


TTL version


Bayonet mount type


Electrical connector

via converter

Optical connector


Bluetooth connectivity


Leakage detector



  • (1) with 4x AA eneloop pro
  • (2) with 8x AA eneloop pro
  • (3) including 4x AA eneloop pro and 1 mounting ball
  • (4) including 8x AA eneloop pro and 1 mounting ball
  • (5) Pilot Light color temperature can vary +/- 500K

What's new

  • Up to 25% faster recycle times and up to 20% more flashes per battery charge thanks to a optimised flash triggering system
  • New lightweight housing with an 8% reduction of total mass (all existing accessories remain compatible)
  • Redesigned optical sensing module with improved signal processing
  • Direct mounting for the E-Opto converter (no optical cable in between)
  • Improved TTL accuracy and TTL maximum power output
  • Reinforced mode and power dials in case of impact
  • Dedicated HSS mode on the control panel

The package includes

  • 1x Retra Flash Pro X
  • 1x Mounting ball
  • 1x Allen key
  • 2x spare o-rings for battery compartment
  • 1x Silicone grease
  • 2 year Retra Warranty

User manuals are available from our App called "Retra UWT", ready to download for free on Google Play and the App store.

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Elegant & Sturdy design

The Retra Flash made out of high grade materials able to withstand depths of up to -100 meters. The casing is made out of an aluminium alloy that gives it an elegant and sturdy look and feel.

Intuitive Interface

The Retra Flash backpanel is easy to learn and features three buttons - one for adjusting the power level, one for selecting the mode, and a push button in the middle of the backpanel that allows you to manually trigger the flash and turn on the pilot light.

Mounting Module

The Retra Flash features a bayonet mount at the front of the strobe that allows you to safely secure a variety of accessories that change the color temperature and shape of the light for a truly customizable light source. There are also accessories to protect the strobe and dome from damage.

High Range Light Adjustment

The Retra Flash packs a big punch relative to its size but it can also offer soft and smooth lighting. A wide range of light power output allows you to adjust the power level to create the perfect lighting conditions in any situation.

Leakage Prevention & Detection Systems

We fitted the Retra Flash battery cap with double o-ring protection to greatly reduce the chance of any water coming into the battery compartment.

The Retra Flash is also the only underwater strobe that features a built-in leakage detection system that warns you if water gets into the battery compartment. If that happens the Retra Flash lets you know by emitting a beeping alarm, while the Indicator Light starts blinking red and blue.

And if everyhing else fails and water does somehow get into the battery compartment, you can rest assured that your Retra Flash is safe, as the battery compartment is sealed from the rest of the electronics.

Smartphone Connectivity

Now, you can connect to your underwater strobe via bluetooth and use the Retra UWT app to see information about your strobe, create custom user modes, and recieve firmware updates.

Retra UWT App

World's first underwater strobe with smartphone connectivity

We wanted our users to have as much control and information on the performance of their Retra Flash as possible. That's why we made the Retra UWT Application (for Android & iOS) that can be paired with your Retra Flash via bluetooth.

The Retra App provides basic information like, current version, battery levels, and number of flashes made, as well as advanced features like firmware updates, and programmable Advanced user modes.

User manuals are available from our App called "Retra UWT", ready to download for free on Google Play and the App store.

Description of modes






Turns off the Retra Flash


White (capacitors are charging)

Green (battery life 100% - 75%)

Yellow (battery life 75% - 50%)

Red (battery life 50% - 25%)

Shows the level of battery charge (1)



The Retra Flash power can be set manually. The M mode also allows the strobe to be triggered via built-in optical sensor (2)



Through the lens mode. The Retra Flash works together with your camera to automatically pick the optimal exposure for the scene. (2)



High speed synchronisation mode (2)



Custom user mode allows modification of strobe light via Retra UWT App (2)



The Retra Flash emits a morse code signal for help (SOS)

Supercharge your Retra Flash

The Supercharger X powers up your Retra Flash PRO X by giving space for 4 additional rechargeable AA batteries, that prolong battery life by 100% and reduce the recycle time by 50%. Its sturdy and elegant design, paired with the built-in leakeage detection system, make it a must-have accessory for the Retra Flash PRO X.

*Purchasing the Supercharger adds 6 months of Retra Warranty to the Retra Flash and Supercharger for a total of 2,5 years Retra Warranty.

Supercharge your Retra

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