Retra Flash Prime X

Over the past decade, underwater photographers and engineers have teamed up with a single goal in mind: develop a true lighting tool for underwater photography. The Retra Flash Pro X and Prime X were rigorously tested and optimised with feedback from engineers and professional photographers. The final design of the Pro X and Prime X strobes reflects the experience and knowledge we accumulated during countless hours of laboratory and field testing. 

The end result is an elegant compact casing with a powerful light output that is optimised for the best all-around performance, delivering outstanding images with every press of the shutter button.


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Technical Specification

 Diameter & length

102,5 mm x 130 mm

Weight (3)

825 g

Weight in water (3)

~90 g

Weight with Supercharger (4)

1.030 g

Weight in water with Supercharger (4)

~200 g

Depth rating

- 100 m


100 Ws

Color Temperature

~ 4.900 K

Pilot Light Power (5)

300 lm

Pilot Light Angle


Pilot Light burn time at full power (1)

~ 2,5 h

Pilot light burn time at full power (2)

~ 4 h

Recycle time to 80% power (1)

~ 1,5 s

Recycle time to 80% power (2)

~ 0,8 s

Recycle time to 40% power (1)

~ 0,8 s

Recycle time to 40% power (2)

~ 0,4 s

No. flash at full power (1)


No. flash at full power (2)


No. flash at half power (1)


No. flash at half power (2)


Multi-level battery indicator


HSS ready


TTL version


Bayonet mount type


Electrical connector

via converter

Optical connector


Bluetooth connectivity


Leakage detector



  • (1) with 4x AA eneloop pro
  • (2) with 8x AA eneloop pro
  • (3) including 4x AA eneloop pro and 1 mounting ball
  • (4) including 8x AA eneloop pro and 1 mounting ball
  • (5) Pilot Light color temperature can vary +/- 500K

What's new

  • Up to 25% faster recycle times and up to 20% more flashes per battery charge thanks to a optimised flash triggering system
  • New lightweight housing with an 8% reduction of total mass (all existing accessories remain compatible)
  • Redesigned optical sensing module with improved signal processing
  • Direct mounting for the E-Opto converter (no optical cable in between)
  • Improved TTL accuracy and TTL maximum power output
  • Reinforced mode and power dials in case of impact
  • Dedicated HSS mode on the control panel

The package includes

  • 1x Retra Flash Pro X
  • 1x Mounting ball
  • 1x Allen key
  • 2x spare o-rings for battery compartment
  • 1x Silicone grease
  • 2 year Retra Warranty

User manuals are available from our App called "Retra UWT", ready to download for free on Google Play and the App store.


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