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Retra Flash PRO

€739 EUR

Retra Flash PRO
Retra Flash PRO Retra Flash PRO Retra Flash PRO Retra Flash PRO Retra Flash PRO Retra Flash PRO

€739 EUR

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    The package includes:

    • Retra Flash PRO
    • 1" Mounting ball - Gratis!
    • Leakage detector + Battery indicator - Gratis!
    • 2 year Retra Warranty

    The Retra Flash PRO features 50% higher flash power and 65% brighter pilot light compared with the Retra Flash Prime. Battery indicator and Leakage detector are built-in. Housing dimensions and controls are identical on both variants. 

      €739 EUR (excl. VAT) until 22nd December 2018
      €820 EUR (excl. VAT) after 22nd December 2018

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