Pilot Light Enhancement-PLE module

The Pilot Light Enhancement (PLE) module has been developed as a solution for existing LSD used with the Inon Z-240. 

When the pilot light is positioned off center it's beam colminates at the edge of the diffuser. Therefore it disables a good view of where the light will be positioned when masks are insterted.

The PLE module tilts the LSD in order to move the beam of the pilot light to the center.

The PLE module is firmly attached with two screwes on the Inon Z-240 whereas the LSD mounts on top of the module. Once the module is mounted the LSD can be rotated in any way with the pilot light always being in center.



We noticed a substantial increase in pilot light output and a small decrease (1F stop) when firing the flash.

All though we have lost 1F stop by adding the PLE module photographers will surely appreciate the dramatical improvement in pilot light output.

The PLE module improves performance but is not neccesary for the device to operate, therefore it will be sold separately.

It will be available from next week to all current Inon Z-240 users at a price of 49€ (incl.VAT) + shipping.

-Retra UWT Team 



UPDATE: The Z-240 flash is available only with the LSD prime model. The LSD pro model for the Z-240 together with the PLE modules are discontinued and not available.