About Light Shaping Devices

Flash compatibility:

  • Inon (Z-240, D2000)
  • Ikelite (125, 160, 161, 200)
  • Sea&Sea (ys110, ys250, YS-D1, YS-D2)
  • Subtronic (alpha, nova, 160pro, mega)
  • Seacam (100, 150, 250)
  • If your flash is not on the list write to us at: develop@retra-uwt.com

The current LSD prime is out of stock! A new LSD prime will be launched soon... 

For pre-orders please contact us at: sales@retra-uwt.com


  • aluminium anodized housing
  • weight: 700g
  • body length: 215mm
  • depth rating: -80m
  • focal length (in water) ≈ 175mm
  • focused light beam diameter (in water) ≈ 60mm
  • 13 standard shapes included
  • LSD bag is optional



The LSD Prime is a modular system which enables compatibility with many flash models. The mounting module is made for a specific flash but the lens system is always the same. The mounting module is easily exchangeable and we have many mounting modules readily available. Contact us at: develop@retra-uwt.com if you wish to change yours. 





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