About Light Shaping Devices

Flash compatibility:

  • Inon (Z-240, D2000)
  • Ikelite (125, 160, 161, 200)
  • Sea&Sea (ys110, ys250, YS-D1)
  • Subtronic (alpha, nova, 160pro, mega)
  • Seacam (100, 150, 250)
  • If your flash is not on the list write to us at: develop@retra-uwt.com


The LSD Prime is a modular system which enables compatibility with any kind of flash or light. Once you purchase the LSD Prime it will fit only one flash model but if you decide to change your flash in the future the mounting module is exchangeable.



  • aluminium anodized housing
  • weight (with 4 masks): 700g
  • body length: 215mm
  • depth rating: over 40m (tested at 6bar)
  • focal length (in water) ≈ 175mm
  • focused light beam diameter (in water) ≈ 60mm
  • 13 standard shapes included

Silver or Black?

The Black LSD Prime is recommended for low light wide angle photography, especially in caves where absolute darkness is required.

The Silver LSD Prime is designed particulary for macro photography although the transparent module can always be covered.

Both models feature the same optical characteristics and mask system. The LSD Bag is optional.


To find out how the LSD performs in real situations and what it can be used for check out these extensive reviews: